Greg Wayne


      Greg Wayne AKA “Mayhem Monsta” is NPC National level bodybuilder, husband, and father. He is originally from Panama City, FL, but moved to Indianapolis, IN in 2009. Greg was a multi-sport athlete in school and after graduating he took to weight lifting and living a healthy lifestyle. It was then, when Greg realized that he had the ability to quickly and easily put on muscle. In 2012, he decided that he wanted to try and compete in a bodybuilding completion. After hiring a coach and 20 long weeks of contest dieting, Greg fell short 4 weeks out from the NPC Indianapolis Championships when he tore his distal bicep tendon. After taking the rest of 2012 and all of 2013 to recover from his injury, Greg started preparation again for the 2014 NPC Indianapolis Championships where he ended up taking 3rd place in the open Middleweight class. Two weeks later, Greg competed at the NPC Indiana State Championships and won his class in the open Middleweight class. From there, Greg went on to win the 2015 open Middleweight class at the NPC Indianapolis Championships and taking 5th out of 14 competitors in a very competitive Middleweight class at the 2015 NPC Jr Nationals. Greg is currently in preparation for the 2016 NPC Indiana State and NPC Jr Nationals where he plans to compete as a Light Heavyweight.

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