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American Mayhem

Ever wonder what American Mayhem is?     We have been in this for 5 years now, and it started out as a clothing line to express our PATRIOTIC ways.   We found a calling to so many people who felt as they were a part of the family.   MayhemFamily has grown immensely since the beginning and we try to do all we can to support, uplift, encourage all of the fine folks that love this land.  

While doing all of that and trying to raise 4 small little kids, which we consider it "Raising Patriots".     @Leahurley started making and distributing her famous gourmet peanut and almond butters to all of the people who knew of it.    And for that "WE THANK YOU"   

As a way for us to give back to our community, our customers and our world.  We decided that using percentage of our monthly sales needed to go to our REAL life American Heroes.    To all of America's Soldiers, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and all First responders.   You are FOREVER heroes in our lives and we will do all things possible to showcase our support and gratitude.